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If you are looking to really kick-start your health why not sign up to one of our ‘Juice Programmes’? You can choose any programme length you wish, from as little as 1, 3, 5 or 7 days up to as long as a month, or more, depending on your individual health goals.

What is a Juice Programme?

A juice programme is a fantastic way to super charge nutrient intake and supply your body with raw, nutrient-rich juices and smoothies consistently over a period of days. Most of us eat far too much of the wrong kind of foods and drinks, and no where near enough fresh fruit and vegetables (forget 5-a-day, we need ideally 10-15 portions!).

A juice programme allows your digestive system a rest from processing foods or drinks that it might take a while to break down, that you might be intolerant to, or might cause an allergic or acidic reaction when in the body. These are namely refined sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine and diary. Without having to process these, your body can then digest live juices and smoothies in about 15 minutes and focus on ‘detoxing’ your cells

If you don’t eat many raw fruits and vegetables each day you may be mineral or nutrient deficient. Juicing allows you to get a host of vitamins and minerals into your body consistently, which will mean you will be cfeeding your cells exactly what they need. Allow your body to have only alkalizing juices and smoothies over a number of days and you’ll be amazing at the results you can have.

The Juice Programmes we offer...


Our main programme is an excellent way to boost your health or kick-start a weight-loss regime. You will get two delicious juices and two satisfying smoothies each day, which are rich in nutrients and help your body to cleanse and detoxify. Most people report that they lose 1lb a day on this plan (if they have weight to lose). We use 50% fruit and 50% vegetable combinations in all of our recipes to ensure you get the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

Recommended for: Anyone that wants to try out juicing, lose a few pounds, kick start their health or detox their body.

3 DAYS - £23/DAY5 DAYS - £22/DAY7 DAYS - £21/DAY10 DAYS - £20/DAY
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The ‘High Veg’ Programme

For those that want a higher mineral content to their programme, or for people that like their juices even healthier, you can try our High Veg plan. This follows the same recipes as our main Core Juice Programme but splits the vegetable content to 70% and fruit content to 30%.

Recommended for: anyone that is already used to juicing, wants to improve a condition with nutrition or has already done a Core Juice Programme and wants to try something even healthier.

3 DAYS - £25/DAY5 DAYS - £24/DAY7 DAYS - £23/DAY10 DAYS - £23/DAY
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Our Greens Programme is recommended for anyone with a chronic health condition, or anyone looking to alleviate particular health symptoms. On this programme you will get: 2 high-veg juices (with a particular focus on ‘green’ veggies such as kale, broccoli, spinach and courgettes), plus 2 smoothies each with added supplements. The supplement choices are discussed at the time of booking, and are tailored to your own individual needs. Choices are: flaxseed oil, coconut oil, powdered wheatgrass, powdered spirulina, powdered chlorella, maca powder and aloe vera juice.

Recommended for: People who need only the most intense ‘green’ nutrition.

3 DAYS - £27/DAY5 DAYS - £26/DAY7 DAYS - £25/DAY10 DAYS - £24/DAY
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Our Protein Programme is especially recommended for anyone who does a lot of sport or physical training. People on the protein programme get: one juice, one smoothie with extra avocado, and 2 high calorie plant-based protein smoothies each day. We include hemp protein, providing all of the essential amino acids. It is rich in essential fats and fibre and is easily digested, unlike most whey protein powders. Your protein smoothie is also packed with spirulina, wheatgrass, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and organic peanut butter.

Recommended for: Anyone doing lots of sports, training or exercise on a regular basis.

3 DAYS - £27/DAY5 DAYS - £26/DAY7 DAYS - £25/DAY10 DAYS - £24/DAY
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How do I collect them?

We have your juices and smoothies ready from 8am each day from our store in Cheltenham but you can collect whenever is convenient. We recommend that you pick them up from us each morning because freshest is best.

If you can’t make it to the bar each day then you could collect in batches and freeze the later days – you only lose around 5% of the nutrients by doing so, just make sure you have enough freezer room! If you do want to collect in batches then let us know.

Can I eat?

Yes you can! If weight loss is the goal you should feel satisfied on just the juices and smoothies alone. If you do feel the need to eat though, the key is to eat raw.

So you can have a banana, avocado, cucumber and carrot sticks, even unsalted and unroasted nuts and seeds are fine (in moderation), but it’s certainly not “juice only” unless you want it to be.

OK so I want to try one, what do I need to “give up”?

We recommend that both caffeine and alcohol are avoided whilst on the plan, in order to really benefit from the detox process.

So what can I have?

You need to treat the programme as a meal replacement so you also need to drink lots of water and we also recommend fruit and herbal teas too!

Check out our facebook to see what some of the hundreds of people following our programmes have reported

Where’s the protein and fibre?

One of the biggest questions, but easy to answer. Proteins (or their building blocks Amino Acids) are found in anything dark green and leafy, (like spinach, kale and broccoli) which can be found in your juices and smoothies each day.

We also blend avocados into two of your smoothies, to add essential fats, fibre and amino acids into your daily juices. So we have it all covered, don’t worry!

Check out our facebook to see what some of the hundreds of people following our programmes have reported

Reviews of the Programme from followers ...

“I did two 10-day plans, then carried on at home. I lost 2 stone in 2 months and it has cured my ibs! i also love the juices”

Anita on the Core Juice Programme

“The Core Programme & then learning about juicing has helped me lose 5 stone gradually in 1 and a half years. I never look back.”

Dave on the Core Juice Programme

“Mums you can lose baby weight and feel good! I lost 7LBS in 5 days and I’m so glad I was giving my baby the best nutrients too.”

Rebecca on the ‘High Veg’ Programme

"I've lost 24LBS juncing and feel fab"

Anitao n the 'High Veg' Programme

"I juice to boost my health and certainly feel so good"

Alex(right) on the 'High Veg' Programme

"I did 9 weeks training plus 10 days on the protein programme. I felt so good to be using only plant proteins"

Ronny on the Protein Programme

"Kris came and spoke to our running group about improving our training with nutrition and it’s certainly helped! We juice all the time now”

Andy & Steve on the Protein Programme

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